Car Spray Painting Made Easy - 4 Tips You Need To Know!

Posted on 26 October 2016 Jake Martin

Achieving a consistent and high quality finish in the spray booth can seem a daunting task, even for professionals who know how to spray paint a car correctly. But by applying a few basic principles to your work, car spray painting can be made easy. Following these car spray painting tips will help you achieve reliable results for your customers each time. They will also help you avoid common finishing issues and reduce the number of coats you need to use.

Amateur Car Paint Spraying Myths (And How to Respond)

Posted on 19 October 2016 Jake Martin

To make a success of car spray painting, you need the right tools, the right paint, the right environment and the right training. Without these, the result is likely to be a botched job at best, with uneven paint coverage and poor colour matching. This is why the unequivocal advice of professional paint sprayers (echoed by us) is for amateurs not to attempt it at all. 

Colour Matching Made Easy - The Industry's Hidden Secret

Posted on 12 October 2016 Jake Martin

Achieving a uniform colour match across the panel is the key to a high quality spray paint finish. However, this isn’t always easy to achieve. A number of factors can make the paint appear as a different colour on different parts of the face. Insufficient overlap, inadequate base coat coverage or excessive pressure can all affect the quality and appearance of the final finish.

However, by using the right application techniques, it is possible to achieve a perfect colour match with every vehicle paint job.


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